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Colorful Hot Water Boiler & Dispenser 
New technology, You wise choice in preparing a nice cup of water, coffee, tea and others !

ANY COLOR, DESIGN YOUR OVWN STYLE, Elegant Looking, uplifting a lively living environment
Not Only black and white, instead of as colorful as your life is! Handy, Safe and hygienic, Easy to use.

Double Wroking table Light with auto cut-off ensuring maxium safey

Double layer insulation for heat preservation and insula- tion safety

Visible water level scale meter ensuring sufficient supply at all times 

Easy storage with a good wire
storing management system
Multi-color selectable!    

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Parameters: Corlorful Hot Water Boiler and Dispenser

Model Capacity Voltage Power G.W./N.W. Dimension Packing Size Packing
MJB-D8 8.5 L 220V~240V / 110V 1.5 KW 3.35 / 2.75 kg 28.5x23.5x42 cm 29x29x46.5 cm 6 pcs
MJB-D10 10 L 220V~240V / 110V 1.5 KW 3.6 / 3.1 kg 33.5x23.5x47 cm 29x29x51.5 cm 6 pcs
MJB-D12 11.8 L 220V~240V / 110V 1.5 KW 3.7 / 3.2 kg 28.5x26.5x42 cm 32x32x45.5 cm 6 pcs
MJB-D16 14 L` 220V~240V / 110V 1.5 KW 4.05 / 3.34 Kg 33.5x26.5x47 cm 32x32x50.5 cm 6 pcs
MJB-D20 16 L 220V~240V / 110V 1.5 KW 4.35 / 4.06 Kg 38x26.5x53 cm 32x32x56.5 cm 6 pcs
MJB-D30 21 L 220V~240V / 110V 2.5 KW 5.7 / 4.3 Kg 38x29.5x53 cm 36x36x57.5 cm 4 pcs
MJB-D35 23 L 220V~240V / 110V 2.5KW 6 / 5.06 Kg 43x29.5x60 cm 36x36x62.5 cm 4 pcs

Note: All design and specification are subject to change without notice !

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