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Meat Band Saw / Bone Saw 1HP/750W NEW More than 7 Great improvements
New Meat Band Saw Meat Bone Saw with Emergency stop in 0.2 seconds! Water flushing directly, more than 7 great improvements. Sliding Working table With the Scale, Disassemble Topper Wheel, Motor Overheat Protection......

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Meat Band Saw / Bone Saw 1HP/750W NEW More than 7 Great improvements

 Model  Main Spec.
 J210S  750W / 1HP, CE

SN: IM1406170732

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Feature: Meat Band Saw / Bone Saw 1HP/750W NEW More than 7 Great improvements

210 Meat Bone Saw / Band Saw, 0.2S Braking System, World new record! Water Flushing Able, Patent Pending
New Meat Bone Saw, Emergency Braking In 0.2 Seconds! Patent Pending, Water Flushing Directly, Meat And Bone Band Saw, Sliding Working Table With The Scale, Disassemble Topper Wheel, Motor Overheat Protection..


The bone saw machine should be braked in 2 seconds when being switched off according to EU safety regulations (EN60335-2-64, 20.111). Note that the bone saw machine could be braked in 0.2 second after emergency stop switch is pressed,which is 10 times better than EU safety regulations....

10 times than EU Saftey Standard
Standard Time
EN60335-2-64 ~2.0 S
iMettos J210S ~0.2 S
No Brake ~14 S

Why need 0.2S Braking ?

The Meat Bone Saw is one of the dangerous machine, When danger happend, less time means more less damage for the operator or the machine.


Other Main Features:

Moveable Working table With the Scale and Locking knob

iMettos New design & Advanced Meat bone saw / Band saw! Half of the table can be moveable, High quality Stainless steel made; Smooth Moving , Save time and effort, more accuracy, especially for cutting short bone, you can move the table to achieve the purpose of cutting in order to prevent slippery hand injuries , more safer!

Saw Blade Tightness Adjust-ment With max. Limitation Design

The iMettos bone saws / Band saw No need to lift the whole motor that common most bone saw model used way, now you can easy to adjust the blad tightness to set or disassemble the saw blade. With max. limitation blocker, don’t worry it may be twisted too tight.

Disassemable Topper Wheel Easy to clean & maintainence,
Smooth inner frame design, no hygiene dead angle, FLUSHING WATER DIRECTLY FOR CLEANING

Motor Overheat Protection 
Emergency Stop Protection When door openning

Powerful motor with cooling fan and overheat protection, Make your work more durable & stable, and keep the machine health!, We put the saftey first, when the door was accidentally opened, the machine won’t working.

Residue collection pan

Collecting the most residue in this pan, Make cleaning easier!


Parameters: Meat Band Saw / Bone Saw 1HP/750W NEW More than 7 Great improvements

Parameter/Model:  J210S / iMettos J310S  / iMettos
Dimension : 55x55x92 cm 50x47x120 cm
Carton Size: 58.5x58.5x98 cm 53.5x55x126 cm
Blade thickness : 0.5 mm 0.5 mm
Saw Length 1650 mm 2040 mm
Saw Width 19 mm 19 mm
Power : 750W / 1HP 1100W / 1.5HP
Voltage: 220V~240V / 110V 220V~240V / 110V
Cutting thickness : 5~155 mm 5~200 mm
Working table size: 505 x 415 mm 530 x 430mm
Movable Working Stroke 240 mm 300 mm
G.W. / N.W.: 52 Kg / 47 Kg 136 Kg / 99 Kg

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